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Paul started his first private clinic in 2003. This was an instant success because he applied the same principles he used for his International sports career to his business. He set long medium and short term goals and stuck to them. 

There isn’t a book he hasn’t read on developing a healthcare business and has worked himself with a business coach for years.

What you get when working with Paul is the very best combination of all of this experience, using the stuff that actually gets quick results and forgetting the costly up front payments every GURU wants to secure you as a client, only to hand you over to a scripted member of staff to actually work with you.

Paul is a best selling author or two books in the health care industry (buy here) is an international presenter and works closely with top flight professionals from around the world.

He can only take on a small number of clinics each year, so get your application in quickly to see if you can jump in on the next cohort. 

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benefits & methods


  • Increase turnover & Increase profit
  • Fully systemised business processes which are simple to install and create immediate revenue
  • Less clinical time for the owner – work ON your business not IN your business
  • Loyal and cohesive staff.
  • Your clinic will become the number one ranked clinic in your area.


  • Tried and tested methods that ACTUALLY work. These have been implemented in MY business and are proven.
    It’s me you will deal with, I do not hand you over to a scripted associate
  • Most of what I do is virtual – I won’t take you away from your work/family/Hobbies
  • You only need to follow a few simple steps after each Skype meeting to get the best results. No lengthy homework assignments or costly plug ins.
  • It’s one price, £350 per month – no hidden costs and all inclusive.


"A big thank you to Paul Hobrough for his expert guidance on a shockwave therapy business strategy for my company. I’ve today managed to sell my first £400 shockwave therapy package to a customer, after working through Paul’s advice on how to best pitch and position this service with the customer. If you have a shockwave therapy machine and would like to drive up your sales and thus see your customers achieve optimum treatment outcomes, get in touch with Paul. Thank you!"

Jonathan Clark

what to expect


For £350 per month, you get a full discovery session online, 1.5 hrs on zoom. This enables us to go through all the things you want to change and discover the areas we feel need to change. We get all the information we need to make the ‘clinic plan’. The clinic plan has immediate and long term strategies that make a difference straight away.

12-month programmes are for clinics who wish to spread the cost and the time commitment and want to make both immediate and long term changes to their business. This is the best model for deep change and works to develop the whole business over a 12 month cycle. The seasons are monthly for 1 hr on zoom plus all the email support, weekly email information and updates on scientific journals relating to shockwave therapy.


For £525 per month, you get the same discovery session, the same clinic plan and same back up support and information and the 12 month plan.

The 6 month strategy is for those who want to fast track their business and have enough time to meet twice per month, once for 60 minutes and once for 30 minutes.

You need to be prepared to work harder on the business and after 6 months, be left to your own devices to implement what you have learned. (Or drop into the 12 month programme after a faster start)


For £795 per month, you work HARD for a 3 month sprint – meeting every week for 60 minutes. You still get the same discovery session, plan and support, but there is no time to waste. This is fast and furious, making changes to your business on a daily basis. You need at least 1 free hour every day as a minimum to work on your business to make the most of this programme. You have to get as much information as possible in a very short time period and be able to run with it after 3 months (or drop into the 6 or 12 month programme after 3 months).

Here you sprint and then work hard to keep the momentum gained. This is for the self starters and motivated with time to spare. Not for the feint hearted or risk adverse leaders.

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Paul Hobrough has treated some of the biggest names in British Sport, and trained some of the most successful practices in British Physiotherapy, if there's anything you need to know about Shockwave, he's the person to ask.

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